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  • Visitor : Asking These questions, proves I am right in mentioning this, and, you are right noticing that, too! Three of us, have almost the same experiences around, and around us, since long time ago! And, most of us, can recognize the bad People around, even if it is, some kind of late, sometimes! At the end, we do understand this, no matter what, and, no matter the situations are, and, the circumstances, are! Some of us, may noticed, that they are almost the same, or, People around them, with time! Also, all of you are Honest, all the time, no matter what is happening, or even when you realize, you misunderstand something, or rushed into things, without knowing the details completely, at some points! I know two of you, are Honest, Very Blunt sometimes, and, Loud, and, Clear, sometimes, which is not the way, it suppose to be, but can help understanding circumstances, Loud, and, Clear, alone, and, Wisely, understanding things, and understanding circumstances, Situations, and Each others. The third one, may did change with time, but did not see that, around her! That is something that need to be realized too! Also, the Three of us, do not like, and, do not want, any Men, around, when we discuss, Talk about things, do things, and, at home, all the time. One may feel hesitant to say, or admit that, in front of others! Which is, her right, too, if she likes to choose, not to say it, as long as it does not affect the whole relations, and, the safety of others!
  • Visitor : I am the Short FE, and we know each others, very well, or kind of well! This can be Painful, and, very painful, too! Very Bad People, say, you will melt in my pants very fast, and, very bad people keep mentioning that, at public places, and, restaurants, loud and clear! And, you may heard it, and, we both noticed, and know it, and where? Lately, at more than one location! We both noticed that, several times, and, they have no rights, to say, or do that, as a laughing jokes, or by any ways or means, too, That is Harassments, as we understand, and know! Why did you choose the other ones, at this time, knowing I may prefer to be alone with you, at this time, and, you did notice that, too. And, it is very critical, and, dangerous, to all of us, at this time, too! Knowing I remember, and, know one of them, more than, the other one! Without giving too much details, as we understand that, too.
  • Visitor : I know what you like, and, prefer during tension times! And, others will not leave us Breathe!
  • Visitor : You are right, about what is said, and, done, Some are still the same, doing things around!
  • Visitor : The short FE, prefer to be alone with you, first.
  • Visitor : The Real one may find a way! People around, are very confused, at a lot of things, at this time!
  • Visitor : The Short FE, can not help around, at that area! Can not decide now, about other things, knowing others could be involved, suddenly, and, unexpectedly!
  • Visitor : Better than anything else around, maybe for a while!
  • Visitor : Do you think this will help around!
  • Visitor : FA, or FE, you could know what I mean, Very Bad things at some parts, maybe things are changing now! Maybe you can not handle things around very fast! And, prefer to be around much better places!
  • Visitor : What do you know about FA!
  • Visitor : For the one who does not like things, Instantly, and, Now! This is good, being Calm, Quite, and, Fast, too! The Short FA, who can not handle, unexpected things, can help, with the one, who does not know this exist, the real one! Away from the Bad others, around, Near, and, Far, Knowing you do not like to mention that, and, you do not like bad things, and, bad names! About the other things, do not worry about it, if you know, what I mean! Can not avoid this now! And, do not worry about it, handling things right!
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